What services do the Family Centre provide?

Family Centres work with families to help them keep their children safe and give them a good parenting experience. Family Centre staff are trained to help families identify families and find solutions to the parenting and relationships challenges they face and to grow in confidence to manage future difficulties. The aim of the Family Centre is to help families build their own resilience and self- reliance.

We work closely with other services that support families for example the Family Support Programme, Targeted Youth Support teams, schools, early years settings, local charities and other local services to make sure that families get the support they need.

The services provided aim to improve the following for children, young people and their families:

  • Heath and emotional development
  • Behavioural development
  • Family and social relationships
  • Self-care and independence
  • Learning and child development
  • Basic care, ensuring safety and protection
  • Housing, work and income
  • Family functioning and wellbeing


How do I arrange to meet my Family Support Worker?

Parents and carers can refer themselves for family support by completing a request for support form.

To download a request for support form please click the link. (the request for support form will download in word format)

Children’s Services Request for Support Form and send it to cspa@surreycc.gov.uk